About Us


Anansi Street EMC  has a staff of professionals from the Arts, Entertainment, Media, and Business Industries with decades of experience. Each has relationships with key players in those industries, and we are continually engaging and cultivating new relationships with this ever-evolving world of social, digital, and live world reality.  Anansi Street EMC is committed to helping our artists excel in their craft, explore new arenas, and enjoy a life of success for all their hard work and dedication


We’ve built our reputation and our business on integrity and quality entertainment. From lesser-known artists to world-renown performers, our output remains stellar. Anansi Street Entertainment Corp. presents talent and experiences destined to touch the world.

Our Talented Performers

Our Artists live in a world of readiness. They perform as solo

artists and they often collaborate and perform together. 

Practice and preparation is an ongoing process. From

their physicality to their mindset and their creativity,their

art-form is what they love and practice daily. They take

their audiences on a natural high that keeps that keeps

the fans asking for more.

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