Debórah, African American Talk Show Host Female
The two Videos  below represent Full  Episodes of  "The Debórah Show."
These were presented as Pilots to introduce Debórah's family-friendly
brand of entertainment to the world. 'Team Debórah'  began this journey 
over a decade ago,  and the world has been watching ever since.

Debórah Featuring  "Lindsay Renea (Fashion Shoe Designer), London Marie (Singer), & Dr. Kenneth Cowens, (Physician)"

Debórah Featuring  "Wayne Holloway (Fitness), Maimouna Yousef (Singer) and Nancy Mosser (Casting Dir)."

Review Clips From Some of Debórah's Most Popular TV Episodes

Shows Like Master Classes

Producer-Artist Anthony Williams, AKA 'Tonex,' AKA 'BSlade' tells Debórah's audience what it takes to produce on the Level of Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for artists like Janet Jackson. He gives a real lesson on the art form for serious-minded music producers.

Debórah Featuring  "Anthony Williams (Singer-Producer-Songwriter) AKA TONEX, Now known as BSlade"

Shows that Inspire

Wallace 'Scotty' Scott and Nicholas Caldwell of "The Whispers," give Debórah's audience a candid and look into the music studio with iconic producer, Leon Sylvers. They tell how "The Whispers" greatest hit song was made, and the raw truth of how this timeless hit almost didn't happen. 

Debórah Featuring  "Scotty, Walter, Nicholas & LeaVeail," of The Whispers.

Debórah Featuring  "Cuga Gooding, Sr. of the Main Ingredient"

Shows That Electrify

No doubt, Cuba Gooding, Jr., and Omar Gooding will forever be celebrated in Hollywood for their bodies of work in movies. One could easily argue that their prolific gift to entertain is the result of a generous download from their father, Cuba Gooding, Sr. After a captivating interview with Deborah, the senior Gooding leaves it all on the floor with this electrifying performance of hits from his R & B group, "The Main Ingredient.

Shows that WOW

TV Talk Show Host Debórah had heard the incredible rumors about keyboard artist James Lloyd from the smooth Jazz group, "Pieces of a Dream." Now that she had him on her show, she was prepared to see for herself if the rumors were true. Could he really play the piano blindfolded? Upside?  With his feet? See for yourself what Debórah's audience witnessed 'live!'

Debórah Featuring  "Jame Lloyd (Writer-Producer-Keyboard Artist) of Pieces of a Dream  "

Legendary Encounters

Maestro, Cornelius Grant, aka "6th Temptation" played a major role in music arrangements and live performances that catapulted The Temptations to becoming the greatest male group of all time. Grant honors Debórah with an intimate look into Motown's revered 'Snake Pit' with the legendary and grossly under recognized  'Funk Brothers.' 

Debórah Featuring  "Cornelius Grant, Songwriter-Arranger) Guitarist and Music Director for Motown's Mary Wilson, Marvin Gaye and The Temptations"

Shows that make us Laugh

This was not the 1st time artist, Tonex, had been Debórah's guest. So in order to shake things up, moments before coming on camera, Debórah suggests to Tonex that they make this a totally fun episode. At the time,  Debórah didn't know if this deep thinker even had a sense of humor.  She and her audience are in for a totally unexpected and  wildly hilarious ride of gut-busting laughter as Tonex unleashes the comedy.

Debórah Featuring "Tonex (Singer-Producer-Songwriter). Now known as BSlade."

Debórah Featuring  "Legendary Disc Jockey Frankie Halfacre, aka Mr. Lucky"

Say It Loud - Historic Moments

People all over the world of every creed and color love to hear and even sing the song, "Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud,' by the godfather of soul, James Brown. But we don't always hear the stories of the price many DJ's paid in order to broadcast that powerful and affirming song to the masses. OH's legendary DJ, Frankie Halfacre aka "Mr. Lucky" was one such DJ in a KKK infested community in Northeast OH. Here's just a bit of his story of "Say It Loud."

Debórah Featuring  "The Edsels with original famous bass singer Marshall Sewell."

Immortalizing Moments

Legendary Doo Wop group, "The Edsels" performed their hits all over the world for many decades. They made numerous appearances on networks like PBS to raise funds and keep those platforms on the air. But it wasn't often that they were interviewed on TV to share their stories -until Debórah. TV host, Debórah asks The Edsels to tell a fond memory. The story they shared brought laughter and adoration then, and continues to delight millions of fans worldwide today. 

Debórah Featuring  "  "

You Are Now Entering the Embarrassment-Free Zone

Enjoy the Moments!

Rappers Make it Look So Easy

What gave TV host, Debórah the idea that she could rap? And at the very least, every Rapper should know their own lyrics, right?  The Moral to this story: "Keep your day job. Stick to hosting."

Guest Really Left Host Hanging

Debórah had schmoozed Producer-Singer Grady Wilkins all through the show, so at just the right moment she was overly confident that he would serenade her to the moon and back upon her request. The thrill turned out to be very short-lived. 

Her Cooking Should Be Illegal

Who ever told Debórah she could cook? Clearly "No One." Least of all, Food Networks "Worst Cooks in America." But, true to form, that certainly doesn't stop her from trying. Her family should win a Sympathy award  and a years supply of good food - that she didn't cook.

Rehearsals Should Be Private

Unrehearsed? That doesn't seem to matter. This TV Talk Show host will try just about anything 'Live.'  She clearly knows the song. EVERYBODY knows the song. But nobody thought to teach her the moves. That never stopped her before. Why should now be any different?

Do All Black Folks Have Rhythm?

We won't go as far as saying TV Host Debórah lacks 'rhythm.' And  she might even be able to walk and chew bubble gum at the same time.  But can Debórah manage to introduce each of The Whispers Orchestra members (T.W.O.) and keep her feet dancing in the right direction at the same time?  

Host will Go Hard or Go Home

Moments earlier, Debórah put a few guests of her studio audience right out on Front Street. Now Music Director, Jack Whissett challenges Debórah to imitate a legendary singer, Dionne Warwick. She reluctantly accepts the challenge. Well, now, ...She just might pull this off. 

Give the Host an "N" for Nerve

TV Host Debórah trying to roll with Tonex in a song is like Rosie O'donell trying to run with Usane Bolt... With Tonex's multi-octave vocal range, 'what was she thinking?' Well, Debórah learned her lesson with a quickness.
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