Debórah is an executive producer of media content and a television talk show host with an International fanbase. She is also a published author of numerous articles and one book, “Lights, Camera, Gospel!” which was featured two years consecutively with the National Religious Broadcasters.    


Over the years, Debórah has produced content for personalities and for corporations.  Her most significant body of work to date is The Debórah Show (formerly named The Valley Gold Show with Debórah Benton) which she produced and hosted.  This independently owned celebrity based family-friendly Talk Show was broadcast over a CBS affiliate for her first year and a Fox TV affiliate for the next nine years. The show also ran for a period of time nationally on Dish satellite's Colours Network, Time-Warner's Local On Demand, on an independent station in Dade County Florida, and in fourteen European countries via satellite.  


As a community service, Debórah co-produces and hosts the annual Celebrate Life Dance Concert & Black-Tie Gala for the Lindsay Renea Foundation to fund scholarships for disadvantaged youth in the Mahoning Valley region of Ohio.  


Education: •    
Bachelor of Arts in Communications (specializing in Radio-TV-Film) from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH •    
Entertainment Business Master of Science from Full Sail University, Winter Park, Florida.




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Debórah is the quintessential embodiment of a Personality Media Host. Genuinely curious, gracious, fun-loving, talented and always 'on.'







Debórah, who is the youngest of 6 children, grew up in a highly segregated city in northeast Ohio with 2 very industrious parents.  Her father endured unusual hardships but always taught his kids to believe you 'can't' was an unacceptable conclusion. So although Deborah didn't often have opportunities presented to her, she usually resorted to creating her own. She sang in choirs, performed with local bands, and prodced-directed plays and film projects from time to time..


Debórah earned a bachelor's degree in Broadcast Communications and spent many years behind the scenes producing for other companies and media personalities.  Although  she was a 'natural' on camera and in the spotlight, she knew the general public didn't take very kindly to dark-skinned females, and so for years, she focused on spotlighting other people, She married the love of her life, started a family, and became an independent contractor in media and entertainment, and for a while that was enough... or so she thought.

After numerous unsuccessful attempts to find a suitable Host-Personality for a TV Talk show that she wanted to produce, Debórah finally decided to bet on "Debórah," a self-named TV talk-variety show  of which she would not only Executive Produce, but she

would also Host. By building a TV show around her own personality, she was symbolically burning her fear boat; no turning back now.  "Debórah" is a half-hour TV show which features interviews, performances, fitness and other fun segments - all within a highly engaging format that is suitable for the entire family.  












When the TV show launched on CBS (2005) and Fox (2006) TV affiliates, it's popularity earned a 1 Neilson rating, thereby defying her detractors - as "Debórah" quickly garnered the participation of  many award-winning celebrity entertainers and consistently gained the favor and trust from fans throughout the United States via various regional and national affiliates, and around the globe via satellite and the Internet.



After a 10 year run of weekly episodes, "Debórah" [TV Show] is currently in development for all new episodes, beginning January 2021. "Debórah TV," like every entertainment entity around the globe, was impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic. And true to form, Debórah has found a way to help other entertainers continue to thrive during the crisis and beyond. Viewers will be able to experience this newfound purpose in the new and upcoming episodes. Meanwhile, Debórah's fans never seem to tire of viewing previously recorded episodes as they eagerly anticipate what's new on the horizon. 










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