LaMarr Benton is, by all accounts, Artist- Designer Extraordinaire. Growing up in an Ohio housing project, LaMarr didn't have the benefit of formal art lessons. However, he had a strong sense of self as an artist and  he seized on every positive opportunity that came his way to learn, create and grow as an Artist and Designer.


From a toddler he had a natural inclination to draw, so his grandmother saw to it that he had a healthy supply of chalk, colored pencils, water paints, and the like. He also participated in the All American Soapbox Derby as a youngster and became the first African American to win the Ohio Championship.










 LaMarr's love of nature and never-ending passion to learn and create have helped propel his brand as a unique craftsman who blends luxury and functionality to provide his clients with exclusive works of art that everyone in the home can enjoy and appreciate and pass down for generations. 











LaMarr's wife and daughter are an integral part of his development and journey - especially as a Designer. His daughter, Lindsay Renea was always the first to see and test every new rocking toy he created. By keenly observing how his own toddler interacted with the animals, he was able to refine his designs so that they were not only sleek and beautiful, but also the safest in all the world.  [That's why, for example, all mid-sized and large animals have safety stops on the rockers to prevent the child from tipping over.] He always manages to incorporate safety, functionality and beauty seamlessly. 

Over the years, live performances have been added to the many ways Art lovers  have been able to enjoy LaMarr's creations. He draws on stage with musicians and dancers during concerts. The works he creates live on stage seem to be filled with the energy of the moment, and captured on canvas. Today many of these works grace the homes of patrons from around the world.








This page is designed to just give you a snapshot of LaMarr's exclusive and original creations and designer gifts and toys. Click further for pages on each individual art form and how you can purchase pieces.




LaMarr Benton

LaMarr  creates original, one-of-a-kind wall art  in his unique signature Gesture Expression style. Many of these works grace the walls of beautiful and exclusive homes.  Customers describe how his Gesture Expressions capture the raw energy of the 'live' concert performances from which they are derived. 

LaMarr 's Creative passions took him from designing Soap
Box Derby Cars, which could only be enjoyed once a year by a select group that followed the niche sport, to Designing Exquisite High-End Wooden Toys and Gifts that are enjoyed year round by  entire families around the world - for many
generations to come.

Luxury Baby Furniture

Exquisite Nursery Decor

Luxury Gifts & Functional Toys

   More About  Fine & Performing Artist-Designer

                                     LaMarr Benton

LaMarr is interviewed by NBC TV affiliate station in OH about his work as a commercial sign artist. He demonstrates his skill and talks about his life as an Artist.

LaMarr  gives a demonstration of how he creates his signature Gesture Art in a studio setting.  In this video a song was chosen and this piece was inspired by that song.

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