Lorenzo "Killer" Brooks

Lorenzo "Killer" Brooks is the first African-American National Drag Race Champion in the world.  "Killer" (as he is known in the racing world) has been around fast cars and drag racing since he was about 14 years old. Drag racing is his life's passion. He started racing professionally in 1989 and has been riding that circuit ever since.


Among his many accomplishments and races over the years, "Killer" Brooks has either won or taken runner-up in numerous races, including drag and pro mod championship races throughout the U.S. and Canada.  As a fierce compeitor, he has been ranked # 9 in the world, and #1 in the state of Ohio. When he travels to other states, I proudly represents Youngstown, OH for all of his sponsors and supporters who consistently and faithfully help the Killer Brooks Racing team remain a successful racing brand.

July 2018, The Valley Summer Fest & Race Car Show honored Lorenzo "Killer" Brooks as the first Black National Drag Racing Champion with a Highway Sign heralding his national achievement. The sign was presented to "Killer" by his close friend, former NBA star - turned Drag Racing Team Owner, Larry Nance.
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Always remembering his roots, Killer poses with a Senior Citizen from his neighborhood who came to tour his track.
"Killer" was so amazed and inspired by the outpouring of love and respect shown to him by many other drivers and his own community in Northeast OH, he decided to install his own Test & Tune Track directly in his neighborhood behind the newly installed recognition sign. By July 2019, 75 FT of concrete and guardrails had been installed and the new Test & Tune Track was well on its way to completion.  Many names had to tossed around as to what to call the new track when Killer's publicist suggested, "Predator Zone" - after the name of his championship race car "Predator." The area is a somewhat secluded area off the beaten path; a zone all to itself.  Killer, his wife Loleta, and his entire team agreed that Predator Zone was perfect. His legal team handled the necessary registrations, social media sites were established, and the word soon spread that there was a quality private Test & Tune track available to regional drivers, mechanics, and to traveling race teams. Car owners would be able to schedule sessions at the track instead of waiting to arrive at a race only to discover problems with their cars.

Lorenzo "killer" Brooks, Youngstown, OH's own national championship drag race champion plants his base in his neighborhood.

Besides being a place for Race Car Drivers and Auto Mechanics to test and tune engines, Killer and Loleta (Mr. and Mrs. Brooks) have made the Predator Zone a very "Kid Friendly" environment. They open the zone up to kids who want to learn more about cars, speed, racing, or kids who just need a positive and safe environment where they can  learn, grow and feel accepted. 
It's been nearly a year since the public got a sneak peak into the Predator Zone which was still under construction. After major interruptions due to COVID19, the Predator Zone (PZ) is finally complete and fully operational. And Killer Brooks and his team are preparing  to host their Grand Opening Celebration July, 2020.  Along with the actual test strip and standard safety features,  the Predator Zone is equipped with a Light Tree with all the appropriate indicators, Clock, Kill Switch cord, and Track Bite.  The PZ grounds provide several picnic tables and a fish pond for car-owner families to enjoy.

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