The Incredible Rocking Zoo Video (1997)
LaMarr Gives Horses Finishing Touches
LaMarr building rockers.jpg
Artist -Designer LaMarr Completes  Rocking Dolphin 
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Unique and Exquisite Designer Nursery Furniture Found No Where Else In The World
Except LaMarr's "Incredibe Rocking Zoo" 
"It's A Zoo of Rockers to Choose From"
Since 1984, Artist-Designer LaMarr Benton has been creating designer baby furniture that is functional and  beautifully crafted. His sturdy built Rocking Animals are purchased for children's nurseries, daycare centers and Collectors of Designer Art from around the world. His heirloom quality rocking animals can be found in homes of families  who give them as keepsakes gifts  to be passed down for many generations to come.  
Whether these animals are used as engaging toys for children, or as accent pieces in  living rooms or nurseries,  they never lose their beauty or their functionality.  These rocking animals provide many, many years of rocking pleasure to children. And the safe, high quality  construction and beauty of these rockers always add a special flair of distinction to  the exquisite homes of LaMarr's discriminating customers. 
There are no Rockers quite like those found in LaMarr's Incredible Rocking Zoo anywhere else in the world. LaMarr Benton is the Original.
Rcocking Elephants
by LaMarr
The Lindsay Bear Chair Personalized
Rocking Giraffes
by LaMarr
The Lindsay Bear
by LaMarr
Rocking Clydesdale Horse
by LaMarr

Here's What's  Currently in Stock 

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LaMarr's Designs is where Beauty and Fun Meet
Kikki & Pocket



Toddler & Dolphin All New

Jada on Lg Giraffe

Snoopy copy

January05 copyb dinoboss


Novvember05 copyb

LRB n BdRm copy

Lindz w Giant Rockers

Child on Lg Giraffe


Small, Medium, & Large
"It's A Zoo of Rockers to Choose From!"
Cemetrical copy

Grace Gray Elephant copy

DinoBossaurus,DinoRossaurus copy

Kenya&Kiki copy

Dolphin copy


Bernie MedTurtle copy


Prince, Pally copy

PocketBeckyKiki copy

3ColorsLBC,Becky,Kiki,Pocket copy

CowPigBear1 copy


2 LBChs w names copy

Snoopy Clean shot copy

MedCUCarousels copy

BriteCarouselsPlus copy

1RaceHorse copy

race horse C 6 19 2020

race horse D 6 19 2020

race horse B 6 19 2020

Whale RAcer Dolphin ! 6 19 2020

whale B 6 19 2020

whale A 6 19 2020

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