How to position your biz as a common sense solution when people figure they can do it themselves

You position yourself by knowing exactly who you are, and by knowing who your market is, and knowing who your market is not.

There are many people who choose the DIY route simply because they have a need for a product or service, but they legitimately cannot afford to hire a professional. There are also plenty of people who are short-sighted, or just selfish and greedy. They try to do almost everything themselves; you can never help them, so just keep it moving. But some of us are serious-minded visionaries. We recognize that our time is our most valuable and it is a non-renewable resource. We choose to operate at our highest and best use - as much as possible. We see hiring professionals as an investment in ourselves and as preservation of our valuable time. We respect others who have taken the time and effort to cultivate a trade, useful product or quality service. We are happy to pay the entrepreneur for what they do because it frees us to continue to focus on what we do best.

Your market is not those who want to do it themselves. Most people who ‘want’ to do​ everything themselves are not going to be able to effectively grow their businesses as entrepreneurs or their wallets as consumers, and hence, they won't be the ones who can comfortably afford your service, anyway.

Identify your market; they are the people who need your service and are willing to pay a professional for it. In finding your market you will experience reciprocity, and you will increase your capacity to become great.

Case in Point: The common sense solution would have been the "Bakery!"

Debórah Benton CEO

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