Why Do Customers, Clients and Fans Leave

It's the Relationship; "Relationships Are Everything" (Johnson, F.J. n.d.)

As a consumer, myself, I know there can be a myriad of reasons a customer would cease from doing business with a particular company or brand. Besides reasons like ...A) no longer needing the service/product, B) cost, C) lack of convenience, D) diminished quality, E) poor customer service, F) Social consciousness or convictions ... I believe there are 3 Main Reasons companies lose customers, and each of these reasons has to do with "RELATIONSHIP."

I'll Delineate: A) The company's or celebrity's offering and presentations are not growing, morphing, or changing with the customer or offering new and fresh experiences to their fans B) The company has not successfully created or encouraged a sense of commitment between the consumer and the brand C) The brand has not consistently stayed on the customer's mind; 'out of sight - out of mind.'

My own Case in Point:

I absolutely love Clark Shoes. I wear a size 10; I have a medium width foot with a relatively small heel. I am also flat-footed. Every pair of my Clark shoes that I have been fortunate enough to "find" or stumble upon is very well made and durable, fit and support my feet wonderfully, and provide me great comfort for hours on end. (Ladies, you KNOW how special that is.) But over the course of 15 years and an untold number of shoe purchases, I've only purchased 3 pairs of Clark shoes.

Why is that? 1) I haven't found Clarks in many styles; the 3 pair I have are only suitable for slacks and casual wear and I happen to live a very active dressy/ After 5-ish lifestyle. 2) I don't know what stores faithfully carry the brand. 3) I have never seen the Clark brand advertised, so unless my feet are screaming in need, I don't often think about the glory of a Clark / "out of sight-out mind."

In other words, my favorite brand of shoe has not made a Pre-Purchase, Point of Purchase, or After Purchase connection with me to know how well they've served me, what other shoe styles I might need, where I can always find the Clark brand, or they have not made sufficient effort to be 'top-of-mind' whenever I am in the market for shoes, or to suggest I should purchase them even when I'm 'not' in the market.

In Conclusion The remarkable part about it all is that while consumers and fans like to try new things, it is important to each of us that those products and services we enjoy and rely upon are always accessible. We want our favorite brands to remain in business. We want them to thrive and grow with our needs and tastes. And amid all the 'noise' that bombards our thinking, we need our favorite brands to remind us that they are still there. It ain't complicated folks. You want my business? You wanna stay in business? ​ Then seek a relationship. "Relationships Are Everything."

Reference: Photo courtesy of LindsayRenea.com. All rights reserved. Johnson, F.J. thotl.org

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